Friday, April 1, 2011

A Tween's Review of "Coke or Pepsi?"

When I had my store, Twixt, we ran dozens of workshops with tween girls on topics ranging from Inauguration Ball gown sketching to how to cope with peer pressure to her dream room interior design to mother-daughter relationships. We began nearly every workshop with an ice breaker and the most fun ones came from the book series "Coke or Pepsi?"

"Coke or Pepsi?" is a book with questions for girls to ask other girls about their interests, their likes and dislikes, etc. Our own tweens love to bring these books on sleepovers, to parties, on road trips, etc. The publishers just released out a new edition of the book, and our eldest tween's review of it is here:

"I thought the "Coke or Pepsi?" Girl Diary was awesome! It is chock full of great diary entry spurring ideas! Some of these ideas include a virtual tree to carve your own personalized message into, space to write the letter you’ll never send, and a page to turn your own drama into a movie poster. I also really enjoy this because even if your not a writer there is still ways to get your feelings on paper. Only suggestions - maybe a more discreet cover for privacy you know? Thanks "Coke or Pepsi?" for a GREAT space for a girl to unwind at the end of a day!! <3 "

The publishers gave us two copies of this series to give away, and we're thrilled to share this with our readers as our April giveaway (congrats to our March giveaway winner, Hailey, who won the Justin Bieber Special Edition 3-D Glasses). To win these books, you all you have to do is become a fan of MsTwixt on Facebook and post a comment on our Wall about this book (if you're already of fan of ours on Facebook (thank you!) - just post a comment about this book on our Wall). We'll select two winners at random from those who post comments, and you can post as many comments as you'd like. (NOTE: Tweens: if you would like to enter this contest, you must have your parent enter. As Facebook's policy is that you must be 13 years or older to have a profile, we hope that this helps to ensure that parents only enter. This is because we want to respect the privacy of tweens and will not collect personally identifiable information on kids. As always, please be smart online - see our tips on online safety for tweens as a reminder.) We'll draw one winner on April 8th and another on April 15th.

Note: as a reminder, MsTwixt is strictly editorial and there is no pay-to-play. We receive lots of requests to review products and turn down nearly all of them. This is one of those few times when what we love and have recommended in the past matched up with a chance to share the item with our readers. Unlike most blogs, we never do paid product reviews - you're getting the dish straight-up.)

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