Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Justin Bieber Birthday Party for Tweens

Justin Bieber's 17th birthday is today, March 1st, but our youngest tween's (age 8) birthday was this past weekend and she celebrated with a Bieber birthday party. The girls had so much fun that we thought we'd share how we put together this birthday extravaganza:

We took the group to see "Never Say Never, the Director's Cut" and made sure the tweens were properly outfitted for the show with special Bieberized purple 3D glasses and purple glow sticks. Pre-party prep included getting ready with purple rock star hair and Bieber Silly Bandz.

At the movies, the girls took over the last row of the theater and rocked out to the show. They had a blast and a few left converted as true "Beliebers".

After the show they had a sleepover and made their own bedazzled "varsity" tops inspired by the "Never Say Never" movie poster - here's how:
We used sheets of sticker-backed felt and printed out 8-inch high varsity letters; then
We traced the letters onto the felt and cut them out.
Then we outlined each letter using a silver Sharpie pen, and glued on differing sizes of silver rhinestones. Then we affixed them onto a (purple, of course) tank top.
The girls flipped over their custom tops!

We also found this amazing party planning site, The Party Animal, with fantastic ideas for planning a Justin Bieber bash - enjoy!

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Justin Bieber Party Supplies said...

Thanks for the great ideas you've shared....I'm sure my niece will love this. Need to focus on preparing delicious foods for their stomach. And purchasing more creative Justin Bieber Party Supplies for added fun and excitement.

Ms. Twixt said...

Thank you for commenting! I hope your niece's party is a huge success!

dancilhoney said...

I have been looking everywhere to find
Justin Bieber Party Supplies because my son want this theme for his birthday. Any idea is truly appreciated.

Ms. Twixt said...

Thank you for your comment DancilHoney! We found Justin Bieber paper party goods at our local party store, Total Party, in Georgetown. Their website is here: http://www.totalparty.us/ Ask for Lorenzo (the owner), and tell him MsTwixt sent you!

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