Friday, April 10, 2015

Marketing to Tweens - It's Big Business

How big? Try $200 billion dollars a year. And that's just by kids ages 9-13 years old.
NPR did a story today on how major brands, such as Kotex, Dove, Aerie, and Pink are targeting tween girls to turn them into life-long customers. It's savvy marketing for sure, and even though companies say that they're targeting, say, the college-age crowd (like Pink by Victoria's Secret), the reality is that media-savvy tweens are well within range of their marketing.
Advertising in pervasive and can, in fact, be used for good (check out last week's post on the Canadian Safe Schools Network campaign called "Tweens Read Mean Tweets", which is riffing off of Jimmy Kimmel's show, or Dove's #selfie campaign). Make sure that your tween is equally as savvy in knowing when she's been sold to.

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