Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Ultimate Tween New Year's Eve Party

Ms Twixt's plan for the Ultimate Tween New Year's Eve Party:

It must be a sleepover, of course. Invite her BFFs to ring in the New Year with style and sweets.

New Year's Eve Decorations:
A huge disco-ball-esque pinata sets the stage (we love the ones by Confetti Systems):

Similar available from Urban Outfitters, $28-$48 depending on the size

The girls can make confetti-filled balloons:

Here are the directions from Family Fun's website:

Large balloons
Brightly colored construction paper
Hole punchers
A funnel or empty plastic bottle
Pins or pushpins

When it comes to making a big bang, popping balloons is unparalleled--and even more thrilling if streams of confetti come pouring out. Prepare your New Year's balloons by setting the kids to work punching circles out of brightly colored construction paper with a hole puncher. (or use store-bought confetti) Stuff as many circles or confetti pieces as you can into each deflated balloon using a funnel, or improvise one by cutting a plastic soda bottle in half. You may also want to write fortunes on small pieces of paper and slip them into the mix. Blow up the balloons and hang them high, but still within reach. A few moments before the appointed hour, hand out the pins. When the time is right, let that confetti fly.

New Year's Eve Festive Attire:
Fabulous glitter top hats set the mood:

From Oriental; $14.99 per dozen

And glow bracelets are a MUST!

For a fun bit of sparkle, how cool are these glitter-y Converse kicks?

From Target, $24.99

Fun sleep masks will help the girls get some shut-eye - eventually:

From BeePosh, $10

New Year's Eve Treats:
Mocktails, for sure. Here is a fun recipe, or you can make sparkling Jell-O parfait using sparkling Jell-O and seltzer:

Starry Night Mocktail:
4 oz. purple grape juice
2 oz. pineapple juice
4 oz. ginger ale
Lemon and lime peels
1 or 2 slices of star fruit

In a tall glass, mix the juices and the ginger ale. Make spirals from small strips of the lemon and lime peels. Slide the slices of star fruit onto the glass rim.

And there must be cake - perhaps a confetti cake?

Or special NYE cupcakes?

Or maybe "almost midnight cookies"?

Receipe from The Decorated Cookie blog

Some folks serve breakfast at midnight, and this could be a great way to help wind things down.

New Year's Eve Party Activities:
If your city has a First Night celebration, count yourself lucky (Ms Twixt and tweens will be enjoying a chilly but festive First Night in Boston this year). But if not, Disney Channel is running an amazing line-up of shows and stars starting at 6pm EST featuring Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and more tween stars.

Make a wishing tree: set out strips of paper and colorful pens and invite guests to write down their wishes for the future. Hang them from a wire form or branch to make a New Year's Wishing Tree and take turns reading them at midnight.

Or have fun with fortune fish:

However you choose to celebrate, MsTwixt wishes you a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year!

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