Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Review of Dylan's Candy Bar - the Candy Wonderland

The following review is written by a 10-year old tween:

Over the break my family and I went to New York on our way to Boston. In New York, one of the most famous candy stores in the world (in my mind at least) and the biggest in the world (It is 15,000 square feet! Can you believe that?!), is located there: this place is Dylan’s Candy Bar. As I walked into the store the first thing I notice is a HUGE lollipop tree right in the middle of the store. It is surrounded by lollipops for sale which looked delicious! Next I went near the stairs of the store, right in front of it was a HUGE chocolate bunny (I wish it was real chocolate) its clothes looked and felt like foil, the sign next to it said “DO NOT TOUCH”. Oops!

I went down the steps next, what I saw was awesome: the steps were filled with candy from the store. As I descended the steps I saw two places in which gummy letters spelled out “May every step you take be sweet” and “Stairway to candy heaven” - it was so cool. When I got downstairs I saw every kind candy in the world. I had a hard time deciding which ones to get.

For lunch, as a treat, my family and I had a sundae (yes, a sundae for lunch) but this was not just any sundae, this was the “I Bet You Can’t” sundae, it had ten scoops of ice cream, each a different flavor, whipped cream, sprinkles, and bits of peanut butter cups it was delicious! When it was time to go, no one wanted to go but we had candy and had eaten enough ice cream for a lifetime and were tired. FIVE STARS FROM ME!

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Rebecca said...

I'm drooling... must go to Dylans! LOL!

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