Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tweens and Allowances

Does your tween earn or receive an allowance? Earlier this month there were rumors flying about the amount of allowance Madonna's daughter, 13-year old Lola (or Lourdes) Leon, receives (one Italian newspaper claimed she received the most of any Hollywood celebrity kid - a whopping $11,000/week). Before you jump off the deep end, however, know that there were other reports last Fall that claimed that Ms. Leon's allowance was a more modest 10 pounds/week or $16/week.

But this got us to thinking: what is an appropriate amount of allowance for a tween? There are lots of schools of thought about whether an allowance should be earned or granted, tied to chores or not, or given at all.

We do give our tween girls an allowance, but it's on the lower end of what we hear is average here in Washington, D.C. The devastating earthquake in Haiti has actually had an impact on this topic as we discuss with our daughters the steps they can take to help the people of Haiti. We admire the construct of saving a third, donating a third, and spending a third, and discuss this model with them and how it might change in times of great need.

Do you give your tween(s) an allowance? Do you tie the allowance to chores, or are they separate issues in your house?

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