Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Braces Care Package

Our eldest tween got braces on yesterday - oh the drama! MsTwixt recalls being excited to get her braces when she was a tween because it was a rite of passage into teenager-hood. Alas, our tween was/is traumatized by the event.

To help ease the pain, both literally and figuratively, we ducked into our local supermarket and put together a quick care package (for whatever reason, it hadn't occurred to me to anticipate this drama). Her orthodontist warned us that the first few days would be quite sore, so soft foods would help. Here's what we included:
  • Ibuprofen (for the pain)
  • A magazine (to hopefully distract her a bit)
  • Foods her orthodonist said she could eat:
    • Smooth ice creams with no nuts or candy (her favorite are the Starbucks flavors) - we covered their tops with freezer tape labeled "For braces ONLY" to ward off her siblings (and her dad)
    • Applesauce
    • Pudding cups
    • Yogurt cups
  • Lip balm (to help soothe some very chafed lips)
  • Disposable toothbrushes like Wisp (to ensure she can still make it to class on time after lunch)
  • Balloons in her favorite color sporting big smiles with braces
Other items that would be great to include: straws, a stuffed animal with braces embroidered on, dental wax, special orthodontic toothbrushes, orthodontic dental floss, and a travel mirror.

The care package brought a smile back to her face - mission accomplished! 

The list of foods she should avoid was long, so we're researching options for substitutes that she can enjoy (e.g. Pirate's Booty instead of popcorn at the movies) - PLEASE share your tips for braces-safe food swaps!

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auntie desi said...

I remember having liquid dinners on the nights when my braces had been tightened. I have a vivid memory of sipping a thick & yummy chocolate shake through a straw while watching "Danger Mouse" on Nickelodeon back when Nick went off the air at 8:00PM. Yikes! Give my lovely little niece a hug!

Ms. Twixt said...

Aw, thanks! She's doing better. Chocolate milk shakes have been very popular in our house! And OMG - I remember Danger Mouse - love it!

auntie desi said...

I was also thinking jello the other day, but then I remembered you gals aren't doing that due to the animal factor. I suppose other tweens might like it though. ;D

Ms. Twixt said...

You're right: Jell-O would be perfect! I should look into veggie jell-O for her.

Randal Cole said...

I remember popping Ibuprofen like Tic Tacs on the first few days of having my braces on. And yes, everything I had to eat must be soft. At least, I had a legitimate reason to stock loads of ice cream. :P

Randal Cole

Rae Screen said...

I am also interested in finding out alternatives for food that you can enjoy while you have braces, particularly since a friend is considering getting braces and she’s quite a foodie. It would really be sad since trying out different restos was one of our bonding activities.

Rae Screen

Latarsha Ghoston said...

It’s been more than a year, how’s she doing? :)

Are there types of food that she still avoids eating until now? As for me, I still avoid things that would stick to my braces even after the sore period, like cereals, popcorn, and the like. Good thing I found a workaround in eating steaks. I just slice them into really small pieces, so there’s minimal chewing.

Pamela Waterman said...

I imagine your daughter's braces are now off - just found your post - but you did a great job with your care package and food ideas. If you know anyone else getting braces, perhaps you can point them to my braces-friendly info at www.MetalMouthMedia.net. My daughter and I started developing soft-food recipes when she was in her third year of a difficult six-year braces program; we love to think that what we learned helps others!

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