Thursday, January 12, 2012

Organizing Tweens in 2012

We like to think of the entire month of January as resolution month - it take the pressure off of having to document all of our resolutions on New Year's Day. As we put our list for 2012 together, we're reminded of our list from 2011. So far, so good.

For us, starting the new year means starting with a new calendar. We use the big desk-blotter size ones and tape the current month to the fridge. The tweens love, love, love the Hello Kitty calendar stickers for marking big dates (birthdays, field trips, concerts, etc.), but alas those are no more. 

Typically we just use whatever calendar is at the office supply store (read, "BORing, Mom), so this year we resolved to look around to find a more colorful one.  Below are our faves:

Designer Erin Condren is GIFTED with color. She makes a personalized family calendar. $30 at

Dylan's Candy Bar has a fun wall calendar - it's half off for $7.47 on her website

Hello Kitty calendars no longer come with stickers, but SeeJaneWork has these calendar stickers that look hip (price unknown; they're on back order).

Kate Spade has a great idea for the little things - this wall calendar is full of fun photographic details. $20 with free shipping from

Another very, very colorful calendar from Lilly Pulitzer - $24.50 online

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Lynnee said...

Love the Dylan's Candy Calendar! Thankful that I am not the only one that is still making resolutions! Lynnee

Ms. Twixt said...

Thanks Lynnee for commenting! The only problem with a candy calendar is that it sort of distracts from one of my resolutions (to cut back on the sugar!). :-)

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