Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's Fashion Week: We're Bringing You Some Cool Tween Fashion Brands

In the spirit of New York Fashion Week, we're bringing you some cool tween fashion brands you and your tween may not yet have discovered.

First up: sweet knits from Charlotte Tarantola Girls. We discovered the line this past holiday season, and our tweens love her sweaters.

Ms. Tarantola is one of the few designers we've seen in a long time who makes sweaters just for tweens that are colorful, comfortable, and truly hip. Nothing too cutesy - just beautiful fine-gauge knits with well-proportioned lines (and these passed the "itch test"!). Price points are $33-$85.

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Missus Perrywinkle said...

Hello! I love your blog! I was wondering what your view on tween girls wearing Victoria's Secret undies is. My tween wants to wear bras and thongs and fancy pants. Is this normal? Does this have to do with hormones? Does your tween want this too? I am worried! VICTORIA'S SECRET?!?!?!?! WOWIE! Am I overreacting? OMG!

Missus Perrywinkle said...

OMG could you do a in detail post on this subject, as it is a borderline epidemic!
Mrs. Perrywinkle

Ms. Twixt said...

Thank you for your comment. The reasons a lot of tweens and their parents buy underwear from Victoria's Secret - especially their Pink line - is because it's hard to find regular but colorful (and thus appealing to tweens) ones in other stores. Nearly all kids' underwear lines stop at a size 8 or 10 - there's nothing for sizes 12 and 14 (we know - we owned a tween boutique for years). So it's a question of availability in addition to pure merchandising appeal. It'd be great to find a more age-appropriate line that was widely available - I sense a business opportunity, don't you?

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