Friday, February 4, 2011

Disney's Answer to Big Time Rush: All Star Weekend

Don't say I didn't warn you: the Disney Radio machine has anointed the next big boy band. A product of their Next Big Thing initiative, Allstar Weekend is a band of four boys who sing and dance and have good hair. Predictably, they are all best friends and Disney is chronicling the "making of their band" on their properties. The concept looks and sounds a lot like Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush (we introduced you to BTR last February, actually), and given the success of BTR (I have yet to meet a tween not familiar with these guys), who can blame them?

Allstar Weekend is on a national tour this spring and comes to the D.C. area on March 6th (and tickets are affordable at $13).

Were you one of their first fans? Did you see them when they were last in the D.C. area in November? Let us know what you think and if we should go to the show.

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