Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Facebook for Tweens Launched Today: Everloop

We told you last year about a new social networking site just for tweens (kids ages 8-13 only - no adults) that was in testing called Everloop. Well, Everloop officially launched today, and it also announced a partnership with i-Safe that will bring this COPPA-compliant site into schools. The partnership will bring a series of "social learning networks" into 4,600 school districts and over 56,000 K-8 schools. Everloop already has a science learning network with Mad Science, and that seems to be the model they will follow with their school presence.

The idea behind this social network is to give tweens a safe online community in which to interact. What keeps the community safe is a combination of strict privacy controls and live monitoring of all posts (so any post that smacks of cyberbullying will be immediately removed). The site is designed as a series of overlapping mini-social networks called loops, which are focused on specific interests such as art or sports.

We're going to test the site with our tweens and will report back with their review. If you try this new site out, let us know what you think!

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