Monday, February 21, 2011

A Project for the Father-Daughter Dance

Our tweens attended the annual Girl Scout Father-Daughter Dance a few weeks ago. This has become a tradition that the girls look forward to every year, and this year's dance was particularly exciting because it was the first year our youngest tween was old enough to attend.

We wanted to make the experience extra special for her after she spent so many years watching her sisters go off with her dad, so we made a boutonniere and corsages to mark the day. We've purchased these from our local florist before, but the project seemed easy enough to attempt at home. 'Turns out, it was pretty painless, and it was about one-third of the cost.

Here's what we did:
  • We went to our favorite neighborhood florist and asked which flowers they had that would work best for this type of project. They had some really nice white anemones with dark, inky blue centers and suggested that we use one white hydrangea stem cut into small florets to fill out the pieces. The flowers cost $12.
  • They also threw in the remnants of a green floral tape roll for $1.
  • At home, we assembled our supplies: scissors, some pearl-headed pins, and some ribbon.
  • We cut the anemones very short and wrapped the stems with floral tape. For the corsages, we added bits of hydrangea and bound those with the floral tape to surround the anemone. 
  • Then we cut the tape and wrapped the stems with ribbon (we just used curling ribbon which we had around the house).
  • For the boutonniere, we framed the anemone with a hydrangea leaf and secured the floral tape with a pearl-head pin.
  • We stored the flowers in the fridge until the dance.
Our eldest used an extra flower in her hair. We think these turned out great!

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