Friday, March 4, 2011

Tween Chess Phenom Dares You To Be Different

Twelve year-old Justus Williams is an internationally-ranked chess player and the youngest ever African-American chess master. He calls himself "the LeBron James of chess", and his record proves it - is ranked fourth in the world in his age group.

Mr. Williams only started playing chess in third grade but has earned the title "chess master" in just four years. He attends school in the Bronx at I.S. 318, and his chess skills have taken all over the world to compete (to Brazil, Greece and Canada at last count).

Mr. Williams and his family have started a campaign called "Dare to be Different" to encourage other tweens to try their hand at sports and activities that are "off the beaten path". He serves as a positive role model for others to try out something new - something that is a bit different from what everyone else seems to be doing. We think this is a fantastic idea.

Does your tween do an unusual sport or activity? If so, what does she do? How did she get started? Please share your experience below!

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