Sunday, January 18, 2009

What Is Your Inauguration Personality?

Now that 'tweens have a bona fide Inaugural event (the Kids Inaugural Concert on January 19th at the Verizon Center; see our post below), Ms. Twixt wants to know: what is your inauguration personality?
Vote in our Poll!
Which outfit would you choose to wear to the Kids Inaugural Concert? Are you:
- Sparkly and bright like Elle in Legally Blonde (red, white and blue sequinned dress)?
- Tailored and elegant like Taylor in HSM (red and chocolate gown)?
- Sophisticated and regal like Mia in the Princess Diaries (red and gold plaid ballgown)?
- Modern and edgy like Bella in Twilight (black sequinned dress)?
- All your own (post your dress sketch to the Twixt Facebook Page)?

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