Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Royal Wedding Pajama and Tiara Party With Tweens

Our tweens are getting up early to watch the Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William this Friday morning, and we'll celebrate by having a traditional British tea for breakfast (the wedding will be at 11am London time which will be 6am here in Washington). An event with this much (literal!) pomp and circumstance does not happen everyday, and the spectacle of the event has piqued all of our tweens' curiosity.

On the menu: scones, clotted cream, raspberry jam, lemon curd, strawberries with cream, and (of course!) English Breakfast tea. We are definitely not morning people, so to make things easier the tweens will mix the dry ingredients for the scones the night before. When the alarm clock rings, we'll take the cold scone mix out of the fridge, add the eggs and buttermilk and then bake them off (these scones will turn out extra light and flakey as a result of the overnight chilling). Scones are easy to make with tweens because the dough requires so little handling - and in fact turns out better the less it is mixed - and this last step can be done while still groggy. Our favorite recipe for scones is from Martha Stewart.

We'll watch the Royal Wedding and have breakfast in bed before school on Friday morning. The tweens will be in their pajamas and wearing any tiaras we find in their old dress-up bin. Your tween could also make a pipe cleaner tiara and ring just for the event with pipe cleaners and beads - bonus points for using a red, white and blue theme.

Should you have the energy at 6am to decorate, check out this funky Rule Britannia party theme for a Royal Wedding Viewing Party from Bird's Party:

In doing research on what to serve at a Royal Wedding viewing party, we came across a company that makes "jellies" (the American version is Jell-O): Bompas and Parr. This company is run by two young British guys who are on a mission to bring Jell-O back into style. They've done jelly art installations at the SFMOMA and are known for making fantastic flavor combinations and architectural interesting jellies. They've made a special jelly mold of Buckingham Palace in honor of the wedding, and here's their piece from The Today Show earlier this week:

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