Friday, April 8, 2011

The Best Easter Basket Gifts for Tweens: Quiz Books

Most Easter gifts we've seen are perfect for younger kids, but we're on a quest to find the coolest Easter gifts for tweens. To help make our tweens' Easter baskets reflect their age and interest, we're including some quiz books made just for them:
  • Tabletopics is a popular party game, and they've just released a portable version. We've got a long ride to grandmother's house this Easter, so we're going to try the Tabletopics To Go for Kids to help pass time. $9
  • We've written about the series "Coke or Pepsi?" - these are perfect for sleepovers, at parties, on car trips, etc. (And we're giving away a set of these for free! Just "Like" our Facebook page and post a comment about the books.) 
  • Mad Libs are classic, but they've just launched a very modern Mad Lips App for the iPhone and iTouch. For your wired tween, this could be perfect. $3.99
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