Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Best Easter Basket Gifts for Tweens: Origami Lucky Stars

Our tweens' seem to have developed a bit of an origami obsession of late - which may be due to their recent origami crane project for Japan. Whatever the reason, origami is an entertaining and fun (and quiet!) activity that your crafty tween will love. We've left hints for the Easter bunny to fill our tweens' eggs with little strips of origami paper so that they can fold these "lucky stars" and love that this idea helps to distinguish a tween's Easter basket as original, inexpensive and crafty.

Origami star strips are widely available, and this website sells them for $3.00 for a package of 100 (instructions are included) - or you could simply cut letter-size, lightweight paper into one-half-inch long strips.

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Anonymous said...

this is so cool! i have always believed in a bit of magic myself so this is really cool! also, i am planing on making a whole bunch of bracelets with them. i went to the instructions and i saw that it was telling me to use a ratio for the length of the paper which is really cool because i knew what it was saying without the explanation because i just learned about it in math class!!!!! thanks so much Ms. Twixt!!!!!!!!!

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