Monday, April 25, 2011

A Tween's Report on the 2011 White House Easter Egg Roll

We were fortunate enough to receive tickets to this year's White House Easter Egg Roll, and one of our tweens wrote this report of our experience:

The White House Easter Egg Roll 2011 was an amazing experience. Despite the heat and long lines, the event was amazing. Thousands of families milled around the White House Ellipse Garden in front of the White House participating in many activities, booths, and performances that the whole family could enjoy. The theme of this year's Roll was "Get Up And Go!" which partners Michelle Obama's "Let's Move!" movement. The booths were all about staying healthy and eating right by showing parents (and kids) new recipes and ways to get active through fun activities. 

Being an Easter Egg Roll, there had to be one as one of the many activities. The roll was directly in front of the White House and allowed kids of all ages to try and roll a colorful egg to the Finish line first by hitting it with a spoon. The toddlers and younger kids just scooted the egg along with the help of their parents and occasionally got distracted and would run off with the egg in hand. However, the older kids flicked the egg across the grass with a fiery determination in their eyes. Another activity, inspired by the Easter Bunny, was called "Hop To It!" in which there was many types of jump rope contests for kids to try. 

Families were not the only ones on the White House grounds, there was a large number of small children cartoon and storybook characters who were there to take pictures with the little kids. To name a few, there was Peter Rabbit, Curious George, Word Girl, Madeleine, Clifford, and Diego. Speaking of stories, the grandson of the author of Madeleine was there to read one of the Madeleine stories to the kids in the story area. Barrack Obama was there to, to read a story to the little kids. Willow Smith was also at the Roll to sing 21st Girl. Another performance took place there in the afternoon were a band called Mindless Behavior. They are a group of young teenagers who are friends in a band. They are all extremely talented in dancing and singing. While they performed, a woman was on the stage using sign-language to communicate the lyrics of the song to some of the deaf people in the crowd. I found this as an extremely kind and touching gesture. Towards the end of the event, Malia and Sasha Obama came out of the White House to enjoy the weather and watch the Mindless Behavior concert. As everyone was leaving, we were handed Easter inspired gifts: a colorful egg with the White House Easter Egg Roll logo on one side and Barack and Michelle Obama's signatures on the other, and a box of Peeps. The Roll of 2011 was a great and well-done event that will make this year's Easter one to remember.

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