Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NEW Beacon Street Girls Book Out This Week!

If you have a tween girl in your life, you most likely have several books from the hit tween series, The Beacon Street Girls (BSG), in your house. BSG releases their newest title this week: “Sweet Thirteen”. This book is the 16th in the series and continues the adventures of five BFFs in the seventh grade at a Boston middle school. The company behind the BSGs prides itself on celebrating the potential in every tween. “Sweet Thirteen” lives up to this goal but also reflects the economic challenges facing families today.

A major story line in this series is one of the main character’s, Maeve’s, path to her Bat Mitzvah. From the first book we learn of her struggles in Hebrew class, her community service “mitzvah” project, and all of the other fabulous bat and bar mitzvah parties she is invited to. When it is Maeve’s turn to plan her celebration, however, she finds that her family is not in the same position to throw an extravagant affair as some of her classmates did.

“Sweet Thirteen” shows girls first-hand that it’s not about how much money you have or how big a party you can throw, but rather how real friends and living within your means are the true gifts to celebrate,” says Addie Swartz, CEO of B*tween Productions, Inc., and creator of the popular BSG series. At a time when tweens are clamoring for tickets to the latest pop star concert, iPods and cell phones, a message about moderation is a breath of fresh air. The book addresses issues in a manner that doesn’t speak down to tweens, but rather acknowledges and validates their concerns. Like the entire series, the “Sweet Thirteen” store was shaped by leading experts in adolescent development and current research on how to positively impact girls’ self-esteem.

The book will be released this week, and Beacon Street Girls is hosting a launch party to celebrate right here in D.C. You and your tween can get a signed copy of the book, participate in activities celebrating friendship, win great prizes from BSG, and more at the Sweet Thirteen Launch Party on Sunday, October 11th from 2-4pm at Twixt, 3222 M Street NW. More information about the Beacon Street Girls is available at

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