Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Exclusive Interview with WOW at Tween Summit

We had the good fortune of interviewing the very colorful band WOW during the Tween Summit in Washington, DC this weekend. These young men, Frankie, Jake, Kyron, Eddie and Michael, performed during the Tween Concert to a screaming, nearly hysterical, crowd of tween girls. They invited the audience up onto the stage during their last two songs which was very cool of them. This was WOW's first performance in DC, and they have four new fans in our house.

As you can see from our photos, WOW's signature look is BRIGHT! Jake described his pants as "highlighter pants", and all of the boys were especially proud of their custom, crystal-encrusted Pumas (although they did say they were very heavy).

When asked why they chose to journey to Washington for the Summit, they said they wanted to show their support girls who wanted to stand up and make a difference. "We love the tweens," said Michael. WOW had this message for Washington tweens:

"Always believe in yourself."
"You CAN make a difference."
"Any moment can change your life."
"Your voice is important."

Good stuff.

Their new song, Goosebumps, is released today.

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