Thursday, October 1, 2009

Are You Going to the Tween Summit?

The first ever Summit for tween girls will be held on October 10th here in Washington – I had an opportunity to chat with Denise Restauri, CEO of AK Tweens and host of the summit, about this event.

What is the Tween Summit?
The Summit is an opportunity for girls to get together to speak out about what matters to them. We will listen to their thoughts and opinions on a wide range of topics important to tweens and their families from the environment, education, personal safety and self-image to their thoughts on what’s hot and what’s not. The Summit will allow adults and others on our listening panel to examine the minds, motivation and lives of tween girls and give parents, politicians and marketers a more thorough understanding of this enigmatic and highly influential demographic. The day is designed to have a few outstanding speakers, including Jess Weiner (a columnist for Seventeen magazine) and Tish Ciravolo (founder of Daisy Rock Guitars), but we have structured most of the program around hearing from the girls in their own way.

Why now?
The idea for the summit came about while watching the Inauguration earlier this year. Because Malia and Sasha Obama are tweens, it makes sense that the First Lady is interested in issues affecting tween girls. As we run one of the largest social networking sites for girls ages ten to fifteen, we have unique insight into the hearts and minds of tween girls and can offer them an opportunity to come together on this special day. ( is a SAFE, 100% monitored social networking site that gives girls a place to be heard. It is as cool as "young adult" sites, but SAFE for girls ages 10-15 because every word and photo is reviewed before they are posted on the site.) By holding an event where girls can speak up and be heard on the issues that matter to them, we can help be an advocate for tweens. Tweens can’t vote, but they can have an impact on change.

Who should attend?
Girls who want to change the tables by speaking up and having adults listen should come to the Summit. They can speak out at the podium, by drawing a picture, or writing on the “White House wall”. The Tween Summit is 100% free for girls to attend (thanks to our generous sponsors), and space is still available (you can register at The event is open to all girls ages 9 to 14 and will be held at the Capital Hilton on Saturday, October 10. Parents are also welcome, and there is a separate agenda for them. The day will end with a special concert featuring Cymphonique, WOW, Brooke White, and Comic Book Heroes.

See you on the 10th!

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