Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Beacon Street Girls Book Launch Party at Twixt!

Twixt hosted the Book Launch for the Beacon Street Girls' newest book, Sweet Thirteen this weekend, and Washington tweens had a blast! The party was the day after the Tween Summit, and so many of our new friends from the Summit came. We even had one BSG fan travel all the way from Richmond, VA for the event!

Girls enjoyed treats, posed for pics with Maeve on the Red Carpet, purchased the new book (available at Twixt first, thanks to our friends at Politics and Prose, the BEST bookstore in DC!), and took home amazing swag bags full of loot from BSG and Ottile and Lulu.

Girls at the event were treated to a workshop on tween skincare by Deborah Hernan, founder of an AMAZING new line of skin and hair care products called Ottile and Lulu. All Ottile and Lulu products smell and feel great and are made of natural ingredients, clinically tested by a dermatologist, cruelty-free, and are devoid of all those chemicals that are bad for skin (parabens, SLS, phthalates, etc.). Our tweens are huge fans of their Feel Good Shampoo and Body Wash, rosewater-scented Clean Skin Face Wipes, and so-cool-looking-she'll-never-lose-it lip balm with SPF 20.

Here's what Addie Swartz, CEO of BeTween Productions and creator of BSG, has to say about the new book: “Sweet Thirteen, the 16th book in the Beacon Street Girls series, shows girls first-hand that it’s not about how much money you have or how big a party you can throw, but rather how real friends and living within your means are the true gifts to celebrate.”

Have you read the new BSG book, Sweet Thirteen? What do you think?

The Book Launch Party was co-sponsored by Twixt, Beacon Street Girls,, and Ottile and Lulu.

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