Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Basket Goodies for Tweens

Our tweens have definitely NOT outgrown the Easter tradition of egg hunts or little treats in their baskets. While they spend most of the hunt helping the little ones, here are some little treats to tuck into your tween's baskets on Sunday:

A tiny but unusual craft kit to make necklaces out of pom-poms in fantastic colors! We LOVE the packaging - it looks like an ice cream cone! $6.99 from CreativeKidstuff

Every tween girl's favorite lip gloss by Lip Smacker in a fun egg case. $4.99 at most drugstores

Zhu Zhu Pets were huge this holiday season, and this year the company has released a Zhu Zhu bunny exclusively through Hallmark stores. List price is $12.99, but we've seen prices
far above that online.

And Peeps of course!
Our favorite ribbon candy comes from Hammonds Candies, a family-owned confectioners in Denver, CO. We toured their factory earlier this month and picked up yummy marshmallow eggs (alright, so we DID sample a few first) and their beautiful mini ribbon candies. $17.99 for 2 five ounce bags from www.HammondsCandies.com

We also include something soft; this year it will be microbead candy pillows like the BubbleYum pillow here. $15.99 from FunToCollect

What items do you include for your tweens?

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