Thursday, March 18, 2010

All Cereal, All the Time

At our house, cereal is a go-to food - for breakfast, yes, but also for midnight snacks, dessert, and afterschool for our tweens (and, I'm ashamed to admit, a few times I've had it for dinner myself when sneaking in late from work). My culinary issues aside, a new cafe devoted exclusively to cereal is opening in DC this weekend: The Cereal Bowl.

This new concept is an all-cereal, all-the-time cafe featuring all manner of cold cereals (we can't wait to try the "Give Me S'More" bowl), hot cereals (see, oatmeal is healthy), breakfast parfaits and (of course!) Rice Krispy treat in a multitude of flavors. The staff wears PJs (how cute is that?!), there are TVs showing cartoons, and they're open from early morning to late at night (perfect cereal-eating times).

The Cereal Bowl opens in the Cleveland Park neighborhood of DC at 3420 Connecticut Avenue on Saturday, March 27th at 9am.

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