Sunday, September 13, 2009

Girl Power at the VMA

Tween idols Taylor Swift and Beyonce Knowles were both honored at the VMA Awards on MTV tonight. You may have heard about the scandal caused when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for Best Female Video (saying that it should have gone to Beyonce).
On so many levels this incident at the VMAs is amazing for girls to witness (although probably via Tivo given the late Sunday hour of the show). Ms. Swift showed incredible grace under pressure after being disrespected in a very public way during what should have been a wonderful moment for her. She then went on to perform live in the NY Subway for the show. Her professionalism and grace were lessons in how to rise above pettiness and disrespect.
Ms. Knowles also performed a very long, strenuous and complicated act live for the show and was later awarded Best Music Video. During what should have been one of her most exciting moments, she invited Ms. Swift to the stage to continue her acceptance speech. Class all the way.
So often society and the media pit women against each other and revel in the "cat fight." Tonight, two of the most talented women in a very melodramatic and intense industry showed how to de-escalate a ridiculous situation, show respect towards each other, and honor their fans. Congratuations, and thank you.

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