Thursday, September 17, 2009

National Play-Doh Day!

Well, actually it was yesterday, September 16th, but we can't pass up an opportunity to celebrate National Play Doh Day! Play-doh is for ALL ages and is great for de-stressing, a really cool study aid (to keep idle hands busy while reviewing flash cards), and a fun science project (it even makes for a nice last minute science fair project!). Not just any old play-doh will do, and Ms Twixt has found the ULTIMATE playdoh: Dokedo. This is a scented play putty, sort of cross between play-doh and SillyPutty, that comes in fantastic scents like gumball, cotton candy, banana boat, marshmallow, melon, and more.
And did you know that there's even a Play Doh perfume? Twixt has mini bottles of this fresh-from-the-can scent in the special 50th anniversary scent - so fun!

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