Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Back to School Tradition: the Schultute

Today was the girls' first day back at school, and we started a new tradition in our family this year for Back to School: the Schultute. We have usually given the girls a little gift to celebrate the beginning of the school year, and a few years ago I learned of a tradition in Germany of giving children schultute, or a cone of little gifts, on their first day of school.

Truth be told, I was too overwhelmed in past years to take on a new project, but this year I figured I'd give it a go. It was quite painless (even though I had to make three of them, it was still painless), and these were a HUGE hit with our tweens! I'm told that one can buy empty cones online, but I made ours with a piece of posterboard and some extra wrapping tissue lying around - SUPER cheap. I filled the girls' cones with fun little items for their bookbags and lockers: lip gloss, gum, hand sanitizer, tissue packs, cool mechanical pencils, mini Japanese erasers, a little Ugly doll key ring, socks, and school gym shorts.

What items would you add to a schultute?

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