Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Tweens' Back to School Rules

First Tweens Malia and Sasha Obama have some pretty strict rules to follow since going back to school at Sidwell Friends this week. The First Lady spoke about her self-discipline and school night rules in the October 2009 issue of Women's Health magazine.

No staying up late to watch Glee - the Obama girls are not allowed to watch television or use the computer during the week. Those privileges are reserved for the weekend only. (And after watching tonight's episode of Glee and finding it wholly inappropriate for tweens, I may adopt Mrs. Obama's rule too.)

Family dinners are sacred - even the President makes this a priority. “Dad’s office is just downstairs, and it’s rare that we don’t have dinner together. No matter what’s going on, he sets aside that time,” the First Lady said.

The First Family also says grace together at dinner, and each person shares what happened in his or her day. I love this idea! In our house, we have a similar rule: each person must share at least one good thing and one bad thing (if there was one) about their day.

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