Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Starting a Natural Beauty Trend for Tween Girls

Eleven-year old First Tween Malia Obama can add beauty icon to her resume. Girls everywhere follow the First Tweens - what they wear, their musical tastes, where they vacation - and when Miss Malia updated her hairstyle this summer, girls noticed.

Some of the first photos came from their European trip showing her hair in the very natural style of twists. Throughout the summer we watched the Obama girls on their travels throughout the world. We not only saw them interacting with their family and world leaders, but we also observed how they dressed at both formal and casual ocassions.

As girls return to school this month, many young women brought in photos of Malia Obama from this summer asking for similar hair styles. Moms and hairstylist alike have applauded this trend noting that it does not require harsh chemicals or processes that damage their hair. Other African-American celebrities are also making the move to more natural hairstyles including Tyra Banks and Beyonce. Celebrating one's natural beauty is one tween beauty trend we can all get behind.

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