Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tween's New Year Resolution: Cook As a Family

Truthfully, this resolution is more for me, the mom, than the tweens. They would all gladly cook more. It's me, the control-freak, who has a fit every time the milk spills, flour gets on the floor, eggshell bits fall in the bowl, etc.

Well, I need to get over myself, so this year I resolve to ease up on the tweens in the kitchen and let them help cook. There are articles galore about the link between cooking and making better food choices, so there's incentive enough.

Our list of fave blogs to help us get dinner on the table:
  • The Family Dinner - you may remember their Treasure Bowl idea we blogged about earlier
  • Dash and Bella - an irreverent blog about the trials and tribulations of raising young foodies
  • Dinner A Love Story - AMAZING blog from a real working mom and how she gets dinner on the table every night
  • No Take Out- a dinner recipe emailed to you every morning with directions and a shopping list to feed a family in 30 minutes - genius!
Does cooking with tweens make you want to pull your hair out? Or are you more Zen than me? Please share your tips!

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