Friday, January 28, 2011

First Tweens Malia and Sasha Obama Shine During Chinese State Visit

Last week Chinese President Hu Jintao made an official State Visit to Washington, D.C. and was honored by a State Dinner at the White House. First Tweens Malia and Sasha Obama attended both events and made quite an impression on the Chinese President.

Nine year old Sasha Obama is learning Mandarin at school (she attends Sidwell Friends School) and got to practice her Chinese with President Hu. The younger Ms. Obama and her classmates attended the welcoming ceremony for President Hu on the White House lawn, and President Obama paused in the receiving line to introduce the Chinese President to his daughter.

Both Presidential daughters also attended the State Dinner later in the week, and the fashion world was abuzz with Malia Obama wardrobe at the event. The elder Ms. Obama wore a fun, sparkly dress by American designer Chris Benz. The dress was a beautiful shade of mermaid green, and the 12-year old made it age-appropriate by pairing it with a simple shrug sweater. Both Obama daughters looked beautiful at the event; no word on who designed Sasha Obama's black and gold dress.

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mayabean said...

I am learning Chinese too! That is SO cool!

Ms. Twixt said...

That is just amazing that you are learning Mandarin - stick with it! It's one of toughest languages I know of but also the most useful. Good for you! Someday, perhaps you will be a President introducing your daughter to the Chinese President?

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