Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tween New Year's Resolutions: Writing Thank You Notes

Well, this is more of a whole-family resolution, but taking the time to say "Thank you" for gifts and thoughtful gestures is an important habit to learn. Tweens are old enough to take responsibility for these manners on their own, and ours are pretty good about the annual birthday gift thank you notes.

Make it easy for her to write thank you notes throughout the year with fun, personalized notecards. We LOVE the ones by Design-Her Gals - tweens can customize a printed avatar complete with wardrobe and accessories (even an iPod!) that will be printed on her own stationery. Our friends at Design-Her Gals are currently running a HUGE discount: 40% off! To get this discount, use the code: OOC40 at checkout. You can also feel great about this purchase knowing that a percentage of every sale is donated to the Gal 2 Gal Foundation, an amazing organization that helps women with Stage 4 breast cancer.

A set of 25 custom, flat note cards after the discount is $27.

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