Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tallulah Novogratz From Sixx Design Starts Blog For Tweens

You probably know of Tallulah Novogratz from her family's design show on Bravo, 9 By Design. We are huge fans of the show, and our tweens love watching with us. The 12-year old tween and her twin sister, Bellamy, are one of seven children in the brood. Tallulah has as a blog as part of the show in which she discusses the episodes, but last month she launched her own personal blog, Tell Tallulah, where she answers questions asked by other tweens.

About the blog, she says, "I started writing because I love to tell stories and create different kinds of characters.
I often think about a new story during the day and immediately begin writing once I’m home.
Go crazy! Ask me anything! I will answer questions for pre-teens about family, life, friends, school, tv shows, movies, fashion, music, art, photography, writing, travel, and many more.
I’ll begin by sharing a little trivia about myself.  I’m a twin. I’m the third child of seven.  I have a twin sister and five, yes FIVE, brothers. I love the color green, I like writing, photography, drama, sports and art. I love 80’s movies and the tv shows I like are Pretty Little Liars and Glee. Send your questions and comments.  I look forward to hearing from you.
- Tallulah Novogratz"

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