Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Perfect Summertime Treat For Tweens To Make

Today is officially the first day of summer, and we stumbled upon a new twist on an old-fashioned summertime treat that we thought would be perfect for tweens to make.

Ice with flavorings exist in multiple forms: in Hawaii they're called shaved ice, at state fairs they're known as sno-cones, on the East Coast there are Italian ices, and in New Orleans, they're called Sno-Balls.  A new New York City spot just opened with a fabulous name: Imperial Woodpecker Sno-Balls, and they make this New Orleans-style icy treat. Sno-Balls are not in the shape of a ball at all - they come as lighter-than-air containers of shaved ice that are drenched in neon-bright flavored syrups. We love how they are served in Chinese takeout boxes with a straw and spoon and come in flavors that range from Root Beer to Pink Bubblegum to Peaches N' Cream.

They're super easy to make at home but do require one piece of special equipment: an ice shaver (not just an ice crusher - you won't get the air ice texture you need). From there, you can add any flavorings you like - we're partial to the all natural line of syrups from Monin (our tweens' favorite is the blue curacao - a non-alcoholic orange/vanilla flavor).  You can mix the syrups with half-and-half to make any flavor a cream-style flavor.

Happy Summer!

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME what a cool way to cool down in the summer time!<3


Ms. Twixt said...

Thanks for commenting! We're now obsessed with these and are on the hunt for these frozen treats wherever we go with the tweens this summer.

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