Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Tween Fashionista's Closet: Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka at Home

We've written about the very cute and age-appropriate style of Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka in previous posts, so we are thrilled to share with you a story about her fashionable leanings. Only 11 years old, this tween is already an accomplished actress - Ms.Shipka has earned two SAG and one Emmy Award for her portrayal as Sally Draper, daughter of Betty and Don Draper on the hit show. Coveteur, an online magazine, interviewed the tween actress and published a story about her closet (both what's in it and how she likes to organize it), her newest talent as fashion designer (including the adorable coral tafetta dress below), and her ballet prowess (she's already en pointe).  We have a feeling that we'll be hearing much more about this talented tween in future.
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Anonymous said...

Wow! She is really cool! I think it is so cool that that we are both en pointe!
BTW-LOVE the new logo!<3

Ms. Twixt said...

Thanks for your comment, and good luck with your pointe work! It is so cool that you're a ballerina.

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