Saturday, June 18, 2011

American Girl Opens in Washington, D.C.

The newest American Girl store opens in Washington this weekend at the Tysons Corner Mall (which is actually in Virginia, not the D.C.), and our tweens were invited to the opening party to get a preview.

As a parent of tween girls, it's nearly impossible NOT to know about the American Girl line of dolls and books. When our eldest tween was very young, my mother-in-law gave her the Samantha doll (which was sadly just archived). The feminist in me was relieved to have an alternative to Bratz and Barbies, and our daughters took these dolls and their books immediately. This has lead to years of birthday and holiday presents (an admittedly expensive habit fed by my very generous mother-in-law) and visiting the American Girl Place in New York has become part of our family's Christmas tradition.

The new store at Tyson's Corner lives up the hype - it is beautifully executed and a tween's dream. The cafe is stocked with even more pink treats than I recall from earlier visits and the doll "salon" is as eagerly anticipated by our eldest tween as our youngest (and this parent is glad to not have to tame the doll's hair). The Tysons' location has added a new feature - the Creativi-Tees station, where girls can get custom tees with matching decals for both their dolls and themselves (remember all those iron-on tee short places in the 80's?).

We were privileged to be included in tonight's opening event, and all proceeds benefitted the National Children's Medical Center - one of the most deserving organizations in the District.

The American Girl Store in Tysons Corner opens tomorrow, June 18th.
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