Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Part One of the First Tweens' Summer: Malia and Sasha Obama Visit Universal Studios, iCarly Set

The First Tweens are officially on summer vacation, and they've kicked it off by accompanying mom, First Lady Michelle Obama, on a trip to California.

Malia and Sasha Obama were in Los Angeles on Monday. They took a VIP tour of Universal Studios Hollywood and rode on several popular rides including  "King Kong 360 3-D", Jurassic Park, Shrek 4D,  the Simpsons ,and Revenge of the Mummy. Sasha Obama, whose tenth birthday was June 10th, reportedly wanted to ride the Mummy ride twice - and did.

Also on Monday the First Lady visited the set of iCarly to film a segment for the show about the hardships military families face. On the show, Carly is upset that her dad (an Air Force colonel who has been deployed) isn't home for a birthday, so her friends break the rules to set up a web chat with him. "We are big fans of iCarly," Mrs. Obama said. "Well, let’s say I’m the coolest mom on the face of the planet."

The First Lady plays herself in the episode and said this about her role: "The story line is very sweet. iCarly..they have a webcast, and Carly is a military kid, and that's always been a part of the script. That's been a part of their situation. Her father has been deployed, and it's just a way for us to recognize her challenges as well as how her friends are stepping up to support her. So I'm pretty excited about it." Mrs. Obama's appearance is to promote Joining Forces, an initiative aimed at increasing awareness and support for military families.

After the taping, iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove tweeted: "Worked with Michelle Obama today. She's one awesome funny lady. We were so nervous and she just made everybody feel so comfortable #honored."

Later that night there was a fundraiser held at the home of the interior designer who decorated the White House for the Obama family (including the First Tweens' rooms), Michael S. Smith. After the fundraiser the Obama women had a late night pizza dinner at Pizzeria Mozza (the same spot they visited the last time they were in L.A.).

Tuesday (today), the First Tweens traveled with their mom to Berkeley, California (MsTwixt is an alumna of U.C. Berkeley - go Bears!). The First Lady spoke at a fundraiser featuring breakfast prepared by Edible Schoolyard founder Chef Alice Waters at the historic Claremont Hotel in the Berkeley Hills. No word on what Malia and Sasha Obama did in Berkeley, but we hope that they toured the beautiful U.C. campus and visited historic Tilden Park (the Tilden Merry-Go-Round is our tweens' favorite).  UPDATE: Malia and Sasha Obama also visited the Alcatraz Island prison complex on Thursday - they went via a private hovercraft and got to take turns driving the boat.

Next week the First Tweens will visit Africa as part of Mrs. Obama's official visits to Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa and Gaberone, Botswana. That trip focuses on youth leadership, education, health and wellness.

To read about how the First Tweens spent last summer, click here.

Photo credits: Getty Images, AceShowBiz

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