Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Orleans Tweens Learn About Barbie's New Career: As Architect

Barbie is both nostalgic and notorious but iconic nonetheless. The icon's maker, Mattel, this week introduced Barbie's chosen profession for 2011 as an architect to a crowd of tweens in New Orleans at the American Institute of Architects annual meeting. Mattel chose this field specifically because women are under-represented in it (personally, we like that architecture is so math-based) and chose this date as it is the 125th anniversary of women being allowed to join professional associations in the architecture field. Barbie's career options are being showcased as part of the toy maker's "I Can Be..." campaign; last year Barbie was a computer engineer.

The doll and her accoutrements are, of course, available for sale ($13.99), but if you were one of the tweens in attendance at the AIA event and career workshop, you received the doll for free.

Check out the video below with the interview of two outstanding women architects as they talk about Barbie's new career and why they got involved in the campaign:

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