Saturday, February 13, 2010

ANOTHER Snow Day?!?! Best Things To Do With Tweens on a Snow Day

We have a 2 day reprieve until the next storm hits Washington on Monday, so stock up on groceries, rock salt, and movies now, and check out our list of the Best Things To Do With D.C. Tweens on a Snow Day:

Top Sledding Hills in D.C.:
    • BREAKING NEWS: Capitol Hill is opening for sledding this weekend! Thanks to Senator Chris Dodd, the Architect of the Capitol has opened these grounds for sledding for this long Presidents' Day weekend - be sure to go and take pics! This is a very rare opportunity as the Hill has been closed since 9/11.
    • In Georgetown, the hill at the very back of Montrose Park (R Street at 31st)
    • In Cleveland Park, Rock Creek Park, down by Tilden and Park Streets
    • In Foxhall, Battery Kemble Park
    • Where do you go sledding in your neighborhood? 

    • Art in the Snow: Snow people are classic, and snow forts are essential, but have you tried snow art? Flatten a section of snow and spatter/spray/fling food coloring on to it

    Warming Up:
    • Best hot chocolate in D.C.: bar none, the hot chocolate at Kafe Leopolds is pure liquid heaven
    Preventing Cabin Fever Amongst Tweens:
    • Try a spa day at home; it's easy to pull together with what you've already got in the house: 
      • Set up a spa in her bathroom by bringing in a comfy chair and a step stool and drape towels over them, light scented candles (put a tea light in a glass with a little water in it), and playing her favorite tunes on the radio or iPod speaker
      • Wear comfy robes and flip flops and wrap her up in a towel turban
      • Fill a small bowl with warm soapy water and some marbles for her to soak her fingers in before the manicure; fill the tub part way with scented bubble bath and scatter any rose petals leftover from Valentines' Day on top for her to soak her feet in
      • Since it's a long weekend, have fun painting each nail a different color; we love Zoya nail polishes as they are formaldehyde and toluene-free
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