Thursday, February 25, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies and Business Savvy for Tweens

Girl Scout Cookie season is upon us as evidenced by cookie booths staffed with smiling faces in front of grocery stores, book stores, and neighborhood coffee shops throughout the country. (Full disclosure, MsTwixt leads three Girl Scout troops.) But Girl Scout Cookies are much more than tasty treats - the process of selling them teaches business skills to thousands of tweens - how to set goals, manage money, be courageous (when was the last time you went door to door to talk to a stranger about supporting an organization?), plan an event, and more.

Here's a great, quick (a minute and a half long) video about what a Girl Scout Cookie can do:

So while cookies are, to quote Cookie Monster, "a sometimes food", be sure to make room in your heart and wallet to support a girl the next time you see that cookie booth.

What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie flavor? Mine are the Samoas.

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