Thursday, February 11, 2010

Percy Jackson Movie Party!

Our tweens are SO EXCITED for the Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief movie (opening tonight at midnight!) - are yours?

Here's our guide to the Ultimate Percy Jackson Party:

Blue food!

The tween demi-Gods in attendance can consult the Oracle to see which Greek God will claim her with a sorting quiz.

Make a laurel wreath to wear once she's completed her quest (you'll need a plain plastic headband, olive/dull green foam sheets, scissors, a hot glue gun, and a wreath cookie cutter (to use as pattern to cut out leaves). The girls can also have fun draping themselves in white sheets to create toga looks.

A little bag of chocolate gold coins (drachmas) would make a sweet party favor.

We also found another Percy Jackson party on Make It Do's blog check out the great ideas she had for her son's party.

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maryfaithpeace said...

Consider a Camp Half-Blood Beaded Cord Necklace from Just Charming! as a special treat!

Alessandra said...

Cool! I posted something about Percy and blue food too, here


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