Thursday, February 25, 2010

World Premiere of Alice in Wonderland Today - You Can See It on Facebook!

Disney's newest film, Alice in Wonderland, has its World Premiere in London today. Even if you are stuck this side of the pond, you can still see the event and red carpet festivities via the movie's Facebook page at 12:30pm EST. (And while you're there, please become a fan of the Twixt Facebook page)

The movie opens State-side March 5th. We're not sure yet if it's appropriate for tweens - our friends at Common Sense Media say it'll be "more mature magic". It's rated PG, and the story line has been adapted from the original book to portray Alice as a strong, independent young woman. All good stuff, but we hear that some scenes may be a bit too intense for the younger set. But we are excited to see that one of our favorite actors, Anne Hathaway is in it!

Let us know what you think if you see it - post your comments below!

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