Monday, August 10, 2009

Tween Back to School Picks: First Things First - the Bag/Backpack

Ms Twixt has two recommendations for bags/backpacks for 2009 Back to School for your tween: an investment-in-her-posture backpack and an-inexpensive-but-oh-so-styling messenger bag. Deets below (remember, our reviews are 100% editorial - no pay to play here):
The Zuca
Our own dd's wheel around their classes with the posture-friendly Zuca rolling backpacks - technically, Zucas are not backpacks - they are lockers on wheels. Twixt has carried Zucas for a year now, and despite their steep price tag ($145 - but these will truly last you forever - they are made of the same alloy as airplanes), these sell out every year. Zucas were developed by a mom (who else?) whose daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis after lugging around a regular backpack. Have you weighed your kids' backpack lately?? Our children are carrying around WAY TOO MUCH stuff. Now, part of that is due to the tween pack-rat mentality, but part is truly due to the volume of books/binders/laptops/sports gear required. Our wake-up call was when yours truly had trouble hoisting the backpack from the car one day at drop-off - and we ordered our Zuca that evening. We found Zuca by researching backpacks and then expanding our search to sporting bags. Zucas are often used by ice skaters because their design allows for skates to be stored and transported easily. These "bags" are super lightweight, cannot be hoisted on the back (a plus in our book), have stair-climber wheels, can be used as a seat, and are roomy enough to fit a week's worth of school books, binders and sports gear. The frame has a lifetime warranty, and the bag can be swapped out as whims change (for the much more modest price of $45). Ms Twixt and clan are partial to the write-erase bag pictured here - it's like a walking yearbook for my daughters and their friends. The Zuca is perfect for all tweens and comes in a range of prints and colors. You can pre-order your Zuca at Twixt - orders placed by August 20th will arrive in time for the first day of class.

Tokidoki Messenger Bag from Target
We have been eagerly anticipating the release of Simone Legno's line for Target, and he did not disappoint. Mr. Legno is the cartoon/artist/wunderkid behind Tokidoki (who, incidently, is also doing a line with Hello Kitty in honor of her 35th birthday this year), one of our fave lines. Right now on Target's website you can pre-order this messenger bag. At only $19.99 (most other Tokidoki bags retail for $180-$250), this is a fun, recession-worthy purchase. Perfect for the hard-to-buy-for tween, Tokidoki's designs are modern, edgy and fresh. And you can also by paper goods/notebooks/pencils with Tokidoki motifs in Target stores (these are not available online).

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