Monday, August 31, 2009

Just For Fun: The Barbie Dance Craze

Mattel has teamed up with Beyonce choreographer, JaQuel Knight (who most recently directed Sasha Fierce/Beyonce's Put a Ring on It music video), to introduce a new dance: the Barbie. The video from Mattel can be seen below and goes along with Aqua's "It's a Barbie World" tune (the original Aqua lyrics have been cleaned up a bit), and Mr. Knight's instructional video on how to perform the dance is also below. Mattel will launch new, posable Barbie dolls this October - hence the video to show that Barbie can dance.

Mattel's "The Barbie" video: (a minute and a half)

JaQuel Knight's Instructional dance video for "The Barbie": (about 3 minutes)

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