Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lip Smackers Live On!

Moms of all tweens and tweens alike, rejoice: Lip Smackers has been brought back from the brink! Last January, Lip Smackers' manufacturer, The Bonne Bell Company, announced that it was closing shop. The scent of the Dr. Pepper Biggy was a constant in my lip gloss rotation from my own tween years, and as a mom I bought these for my own tweens (Lip Smackers make excellent stocking stuffers, Easter Egg fillers, and birthday gift toppers!). 'Twas devastating news to lose this cultural icon. Luckily for tweens and tweens-at-heart everywhere, the Lip Smackers brand has been brought back into production by the new company owner, Markwins International Corp.
Dr. Pepper, the classic "Biggy"s, Cotton Candy, and Bubble Gum, smack on!

(P.S. Sadly the Thin Mint Lip Smackers are discontinued - but maybe we can start a campaign lobby the Girl Scouts to bring them back?
P.P.S. Your eyes do not deceive you: that IS a Swarovski-encrusted Lip Smacker Biggy!)

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Lynnee said...

Lip Smackers was HIUGE for me - happy to see them back and love your update

Ms. Twixt said...

Thanks Lynnee! It's always wonderful to hear from our Club.ChicaCircle.com friends!

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