Sunday, September 18, 2011

The 2011 Emmy Awards Through a Tween's Eyes

We watched tonight's Emmy Awards with our tweens (and wielded the remote with a heavy hand). They loved the opening clip with Jane Lynch and thought that she looked pretty in greys and silver (although we did all wish she would don at least one tracksuit, even a bedazzled one). Here are few highlights from the show from the tweens:
  • "Yay - Modern Family won! I love Claire and Phil!" 
  • "Sofia Vegarra is just so, so pretty  - a real movie star."
  • "OMG - that's Professor McGonagall - I hope her film wins."
  • "Whoa - who are those guys singing Hallelujah?" (We looked it up - they're the Canadian Tenors
  • "Oooh - Kiernan Shipka looks SOOOOOOOOO pretty!"
  • "That's so cool: they thanked the kids in Modern Family"
Did you let your tween watch the show? What did she think?

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