Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tweens Need Boosters! Today is National Car Seat Safety Saturday

Laws vary by state, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has published guidelines for child safety for ages birth through 12. We just learned today is National Car Seat Safety Saturday, and the NHTSA wants families to check how they use car seats and booster seats and if they are installed properly. Certainly we thought we outgrew the whole car seat thing after toddler-hood, but it turns out that the guidelines are that tweens ages 8 to 12 should be in a booster seat. Seat belts-only are fine if the seat belt sits across their thighs and NOT their tummies or across their necks - 'turns out they don't work if they cross her neck. We're checking our car this weekend and may well have to deal with the wrath of the 12-year old tween who might have to return to a booster.

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Terry Ann said...

Thank goodness! My 11 year old complains, but I tell her that everyone else does it! Ha-ha! Also, I want to say that sick people like the one above need to be removed from the world. Anyway, thanks for your blog! My girls love everything we find on here =)

Ms. Twixt said...

We hear you, Terry Ann - our tweens complain too about the boosters. We tell them that when they're paying the insurance, they can decide about the passengers in their car. ;-) (And we've deleted the comments with foul language - we welcome comments and differing opinions - just so long as things stay clean.)

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