Sunday, August 26, 2012

Must See Video For Tweens at Back to School: Rachel Crow's "Mean Girls"

We were watching the Arthur Ashe Kids Day concert at the US Open this weekend, and a new performer named Rachel Crow sang her new single, "Mean Girls". Both this mom and tweens were captivated by the song, so we went online to find the video - and that was even better.

We love how this young girl (she's 14 years old!) captured both the loneliness of being bullied and the courage it takes to move beyond it. This is must-see viewing for all tweens and their parents this Back to School season.

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Lynnee said...

What a good find. Thanks for sharing the video! Hope your back to school craziness is under control.

Ms. Twixt said...

Thanks Lynnee! Isn't she awesome? Our tweens go back to school next week. We've been enjoying your latest crafts over at

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