Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Tween's Review of Willa Skincare

A new line of skincare just launched this summer called Willa Skincare. What makes this line unique is that it's created by a tween girl (Willa) in collaboration with her mom out of a desire for natural skincare that is priced and designed for tweens. SPF is a HUGE focus of the line given a family history with skin cancer, and the formulations are all natural. The pieces in the line are modern, not cute-sy, and affordable on a tween allowance budget - making it a standout in our minds.

Maya reviewed the line this summer - here are her thoughts:

I really like the Willa facial wash because it was both light and cleansing. I like the fact that it is in a foam because it felt gentler than a scrub or toner. However, I did think because of its gentleness it was necessary to be paired with a strong scrub to be an effective skin care system. I think this product works fantastically as an after workout/ mid-day facial rinse.

I liked both the color and taste of the Willa lip gloss. I thought the color was perfect for summertime- very upbeat and bright. Plus, it would look great at the beach! I thought that the consistency was a bit sticky to use in the summer time with all the humid weather, but it'll be great for Fall.

And don't miss Willa's Pinterest page - TONS of fun!
Willa Skincare is available at Target at prices ranging from $1.75 for the cucumber facial mask to $11.50 for the foaming facial wash.
Photo credit: Maya for MsTwixt

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