Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tweens and Ugly Dolls - Cool Holiday Gift Ideas

Ugly Dolls are, with the possible exception of BeePosh critters, one of the only plush that are still cool with tweens. We stumbled upon this great "Tween Talk" gift set from Ugly Dolls (this one is pink, so perfect for the girly-girl tween in your life): a 2011 calendar, a pink Flatwoodsey doll, and a REALLY cute knit skull cap all in a sweet tote bag. $65 from Ugly Dolls.

Or for a great stocking stuffer, check out the IceBat figurines from Ugly Dolls for $8. Like the popular MiniSweets from Japan, these critters come in a blind box (so you don't know which figure you'll get) and are collectible. We like the glow in the dark ones.

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